Safety Tips screens every profile to ensure that it is in line with our Terms of Use Agreement. Your privacy and safety is of utmost importance. To ensure that you have a safe and secure on-line dating experience, we have provided the following Safety Tips as some basic precautionary measures you can take to help ensure your safety.

Protect your finances

Never disclose financial information (Social Insurance/Security Number, Credit Card information or bank information) to anyone you do not know. Ignore requests for money, especially overseas or wire transfers. Sending wire transfers is like sending cash and the sender is not protected against loss. It is nearly impossible to trace the money or reverse the transaction.

Guard your online & personal information

Be mindful about sharing personal information (full name, phone numbers, address) until you feel you are ready to do so. Remember you are the one that is in control of your online dating experience. Use our internal mail and messaging systems until you decide when you would like to reveal that information. Remember to leave personal contact information out of your profile or username.  Use caution when accessing your account from a shared or public computer. Remember to clear all passwords and/or disable the automatic sign in feature.

** will never ask you for your email or username information **

Be wise online

Be aware of anyone who sounds too good to be true and/or communication from them asking you to act quickly. Be wary of the following types of communication or requests as it may indicate you are dealing with a scammer:

  • Someone who seem to want to rush the process and talk or chat outside of email and messaging services
  • Someone who asks you for money, may tell you sad stories
  • Someone who often disappears from the site then reappears under a different name
  • Someone who constantly talk about “destiny” or “fate”
  • Someone who asks for your address under the guise of sending flowers or gifts

As much as we would like to believe that everyone we meet or talk to tells the truth, this isn’t always the case. Always trust your gut feelings, more times than not you are going to be right. In addition, we ask that you help us to keep the community fun and enjoyable by reporting anyone who violates the Terms of Use Agreement. Examples of such violations include:

  • Minors using the service
  • Individuals asking for money or donations
  • Members sending offensive or harassing messages
  • Invitations to connect to a third party or attempts to sell products or services

Offline Safety Tips

Get to know the other person before arranging to meet offline

First dates are always exciting! We suggest you use the messaging system on first to get to know someone before disclosing personal information and agreeing to meet offline.

Always meet in public

When meeting for the first time, meet in a public please. Never meet in a private or remote location or at your dates’ home or apartment.

Stay in a public place

On a first date, it is best to remain in a public place. If your date pressures you to go back to your home or theirs, it is probably best to end the date and leave right away.

Tell someone

Always tell a trusted friend or family member of your plans, where you are going and what time you are expected to return. If you have a mobile phone, take it with you.

Stay sober

Keep your mind clear, avoid impairing your judgement that may cause you to make decisions your may regret.

Drive yourself to and from the first meeting

Be in control of your own ride. If things don’t work out, you can always leave or take a taxi.

Long distance

There are special safety concerns to consider when meeting long distance.

  • Stay at a hotel. Stay in your own room, do not stay in the other person’s home
  • Secure your own ride. Do not get into a car with someone you have never met before.
  • Keep your hotel location confidential until you are comfortable disclosing this information.
  • Inform a trusted family member or friend of your plans. Keep them posted.


Contact for any questions or concerns you may have.

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